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Although this is the capital of the nearby 'Vienne' and not actually in the Loire Valley we encourage visitors to the house to consider a visit to Poitiers as it is easily accessible off the A10. Winding your way up the hill to the old city will quickly reveal its charms. The city has a  rich history and retains much of its medieval charm. Its large student population however, helps also to make it a vibrant and lively place.

The Place du Marechal-Leclerc offers many opportunities for alfresco dining, having a drink or for just people watching.

Place Charles-de-Gaulle is another busy part of the city with its daily market (Mon.-Sat.7am-6pm and Sun.7.30am-1pm)


Poitiers has 80 registered historic monuments with some more prestigious than others. The church of Notre-Dame-la-Grande is amazing plus the Cathédrale St Pierre with its 18th century organ its most striking feature, is well worth a visit.


If driving into the city find your way to the multi-storey car park on the Rue Carnot which is sign-posted once you enter the city centre. This will give you a good starting point from which to explore the city.


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