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Montresor in the Loire Valley


Montresor one of the most beautiful villages in France

The popular village of Montresor is located just northeast of Loches about 1hr from the gite.

Montresor is listed as one of the 'Most beautiful villages in France', it is indeed a very pretty place - these awards are given to villages in France (151 at the last count) that share the same passion and ambition to promote and recognize the quality of their heritage, history, culture and their desire to conserve their individuality and authenticity.


At the start of the 11th century, Foulques Nerra who was responsible for many of the medieval fortresses of the Loire Valley, had one built on top of a rocky promontory overlooking the Indrois Valley as a defence against potential invaders.  A double enclosure wall surrounding the keep is still apparent. The massive corner towers and the 12th century gate towers remain impressive because of their powerful feudal architecture designed for defensive purposes.


It is one of our favourite chateaux -- not as grand as some but one of the few with that 'lived in' feel.

Montresor chateau

The chateau passed into the hands of the Bastarnay family in 1493. They had a fine residence built within the fortress walls and also founded the collegiate church.It became a charming peacetime residence surrounded by the original feudal defence system. Over time it past into the ownership of the Beauvilliers family where it remained for over a century until 1831.



billiard table Montresor chateau   

In 1849, Xavier Branicki,a Polish count who had developed a friendship with Napoleon III, acquired the chateau. Army officer, politician and financier, he was one of the founders of the Credit Foncier de France bank in 1852.

spiral staircase at chateau Montresor

A noteworthy art collector and patron, the count decorated the chateau with many valuable pieces of furniture, paintings and art objects. He was also the one who donated paintings to the collegiate church that had originally been part of the collection of Cardinal Fesch, the uncle of Napoleon I.There is an interesting spiral staircase that gives an alternative route up to the billiard room.This feature plus the fine collections make it an interesting detour if you are touring the surrounding area.The castle still belongs to the descendants of Count Branicki today and don't be surprised to bump into a family member on your visit.

Clustered at the base of the chateau, along the river Indrois, a picturesque  village has developed. It is in fact listed as one of the 'Les-plus-beaux-villages-de-France', the most beautiful villages of France of which there are 151 of in the whole of the country.


 It has some very pretty little houses spread along the Indrois River, and attractive half-timbered houses.

The area is ideal for walking and exploring and full of pleasant surprises.






The chateau is open from :

 January 2nd until March 31st on week-ends 2pm - 6pm

April 1st until November 11th from 10 am - 6 pm

(7 pm June until September)

 November 12th until December 31st on week-ends 2pm - 6pm

Rate: 7.00  - Children: 4.00 - groups: 5.50

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