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Local Markets in Loire Valley

During your stay at Les Balcons we encourage you to visit the local markets which offer a unique taste of France as well as providing a practical shopping experience. Many of our guests start their holiday off with a visit to Descartes' Sunday morning market (if they can get out of their comfy bed early enough) to stock up on fresh vegetables and fruit for the week or to sample a cooked chicken as their first meal of the week.

If you miss the Descartes market you can take in the very good Wednesday morning market in Loches, which makes for a good day out as you can take in the sights after the market winds up, it is one of our favourite places here in Southern Touraine. The spa town of La Roche Posay on market day can also be a good experience. Our own little market is on a Thursday morning.


In France you actually have three choices of markets, open-air markets, covered markets or hypermarkets, all giving their own unique shopping experience. The Loire shopping experience is something you must make part of your holiday!


Whether you choose the open-air markets (marches decouverts) which are usually held weekly (twice a week in larger towns) in the mornings, or the covered markets (marches couverts) called ‘Les Halles’ which are normally open daily you will enjoy the experience of local people and produce.

les halles in Tours shops

Nearest supermarkets are in Descartes, Yzeures-sur-Creuse and La Roche Posay.

Nearest 'Hypermarket' is in Chatellerault.

Nearest covered markets Chatellerault and Tours

Listed below are the local markets around Le Grand Pressigny


  • Le Grande-Pressigny              Thursday (am) -small

  • Descartes                                  Sunday (am)

  • Loches                                       Saturday.(am) Wednesday..(am)

  • La Roche Posay                       Tuesday & Friday

  • Langeais                                    Sunday

  • Ste-Maure-de-Touraine           Friday

  • Chatellerault                              Thursday

  • Saint Savin                                 Friday

  • Chauvigny                                  Saturday

  • Le Blanc                                     Saturday & Wednesday


Please note most of the markets are morning only


You can find more loire-valley-markets on experienceloire.com.




In the Loire the prominent names are Auchan’,’E.Leclerc’, 'Super U' and ‘Intermache’ all providing  a wide range of quality products at very competitive prices. Do not try and buy anything between mid-day and 2.00pm – it’s rarely possible—do as the French do –have a leisurely lunch!

(Sadly we are going the way of other countries and are finding more and more stores opening certain days over lunch and even Sunday mornings)

That said, it is also important if staying in a small town or village to patronise the local shops as they are a very necessary part of these communities.



You can check out more Loire Valley markets here







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