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France and the Loire Valley in particular is ideally suited for equestrian activities as it offers a variety of scenery, an excellent climate, organized  tours and riding opportunities at every level of horsemanship. Standards are very high for French riding schools and tour guides who must take lengthy courses and pass difficult exams to be licensed. Many trails have been kept open for horse riding in the French countryside and it is fascinating to ride through places which are so rich in history. Castles, walled towns, fortresses and monasteries are everywhere. Of course the food and wine of the region are world famous and you will eat and drink with particular relish after a day in the saddle. 


From Barrou you have the choice of rides along by the rivers, chateaux, vineyards, forests and lakes of the departments of Indre-et-loire and Vienne.


 Vienne (click on sporting relaxation)


The nearest riding schools are:


“La Gatiniere Riding Centre” - LA-ROCHE-POSAY    

Route de Lésigny

Tél: 05 49 23 05 39

Open all year with prior booking recommended.
10 €/hr for under 12's
12 €/hr. for over 12's.



This ideally placed riding school is close to the Spa in La Roche Posay.  Horse riding can be practiced in a friendly, educational atmosphere with fully-qualified instructors.  You can experience one day or several day rambles, dressage, fences and cross country. All site activities take place either in covered menage or in a sandy floored ring. 



du Pas de la Groie (5 mins. Outside Châtellerault)
Riding school

 Joël Capellier
Centre Equestre du Pas de la Groie
86540 THURE
Tel :


 Link: Riding School Pas de la Groie

“Les Grands Robineaux (5 mins. Outside of Loches)
 Riding school
Mme Mathilde Annonier
Les Grands Robineaux - 37600 Perrusson
Tel : 00 33 2 47
59 24 17 / Fax : 00 33 2 47 59 11 39

Link: The stables of Grande Robineaux 

“Les Chevaux de l'Arbre en Boule (12 min north east of Loches)
Riding school
M. Alain Caillebot - Enseignant D.E.

"Les Chevaux de l'arbre en boule"
La Valinière - 37460 Genillé
Tel : 00 33 2 47 59 58 03

 Link: Horses of A.R.B.R.E.




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