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Fishing in the Loire Valley

man fishing from a boat on a river in the Loire Valley



It seems today that angling magazines and the ‘Web’ are full of articles and sites with photographs of huge carp that have been caught in France, many over 40lbs, making it now the favourite destination for British carp fishermen but there is more to France than just carp as there is a great variety of fishing throughout the country, catering for course and game on a wide range of lakes (both natural and man made) and rivers. As well as carp there are trout, breme, eels, pike and massive catfish and sturgeon that take all day to land.

 It is not difficult to see what attracts the anglers to France and particularly to the Loire Valley when you consider it has a better climate, untamed lakes and rivers, bigger fish as well as inexpensive food and drink!

In Barrou you can fish the river Creuse (translates as ‘The Hollow One’) which is said to have over 20 species of fish. A permit can be obtained from:

 A.A.P.P.M.A. of BARROU - “Association of Barrou”
Bar-restaurant of the Post office - 37350 BARROU - ( .96)
Michel LION - 50 Main street - 37350 BARROU



The Loire Valley has many rivers, streams, and ponds where fishing addicts will catch a vast diversity of fish.To find out where to fish and for local regulations follow the link.


 Link: Federation of Fishing Indre-et Loire


man holding large fish   fishing lake in the Loire Valley in France

The Brenne National Park nearby offers river fishing as well as classic lake fishing. The rivers in the Park are well stocked, with fishing possible on the Creuse, Anglin and Claise as well as some of their tributaries. Most of the lakes in Brenne are private and angling isn't permitted,however, a few are open to the public for fishing.






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