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Chateau du Rivau in the Loire Valley

One of our favourite chateau of the Loire Valley, yet probably not on most people's must see' list, is Chateau du Rivau. The chateau sits on a plain just south of the  historical town of Chinon and we have watched over the years as it has blossomed as a visitor attraction. It is privately owned and the owners have made a family friendly environment that shows that they not only have a duty of care but also a sense of humour!


Young children will find the place magical while others will simply enjoy the well maintained gardens and surroundings for what they are - a very pleasant place to spend the day.





The chateau also makes the most of its link to Joan of Arc (it is claimed that the stables here provided some of her war horses) by dedicating a complete room in the chateau to her memory. The aforementioned stables now play host to an interesting visual history of jousting tournaments that were held at the chateau.


This tradition continues today with the chateau playing host  to very popular jousting tournaments in July

You can read more about these events here on a good blogpost on the subject.



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