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Cheverny in the Loire Valley


A bit further away from the house chateau Cheverny is still popular as it is one of the few chateaux of the Loire that is fully furnished and lived in. It has remained in the same family, the Huraults, for six centuries. Built in the early 17th century the chateau is built in pure Louis XIII classical style with a rigid symmetry.

The centre section of which may appear familiar to you even before you visit... as it was the inspiration behind Herge’s Marlinspike Hall the home of cartoon character Tintin’s friend Captain Haddock. There is, you won't be surprised to hear, a permanent 'Tintin'exhibition on site under the banner ’The Secrets of Marlinspike Hall’

The grounds are very good for walking, especially in the spring when thousands of tulips put on a wonderful display. You will come across the other major attraction of chateau Cheverny - its pack of hunting dogs.  The hounds still lead the chase as they have done since the 17th century .
At the kennels feeding time (5pm
) for the hundred hounds is an exhibition in itself



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