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Chateau de Chenonceau


This is the 'must see' chateau of the Loire Valley - the iconic Chenonceau is the one, most, if not all, our guests want to see.

Chateau de Chenonceau's history only adds to the attraction - fought over by important women throughout its history it has become affectionately known as the 'Ladies Chateau' but it is not all fairytale castle and royal pleasures - the chateau has its dark side. 

Originally only a small fortress by the river it was replaced  with a Renaissance style chateau leaving only the keep from the original building. Henri II of France gave it to his mistress Diane de Poitiers who added the bridge over the river, on his death however, the Queen, Catherine de' Medici, sent Diane packing (to Chaumont).

It was the queen who gave the chateau its now iconic look by adding the gallery and grand ballroom on Diane’s bridge.

Probably the highlight, after the great hall on the gallery, for many are the impressive  kitchens.


The tour of the inside of the chateau reveals more of its history.


The chateau  managed to survive the revolution and world wars due to its strategic position as a crossing of the river Cher.Because the River Cher was the dividing line between occupied and free France During the second World War the castle became a route for the Résistance.



The well maintained gardens and grounds are perfect for a stroll and offer many photo opportunities.

There is a restaurant 'The Orangerie' built in what used to be the stables where you can have a meal or just a coffee.


There is also a snack bar/creperie at the entrance to the chateau but anything purchased here has to be eaten before you enter the grounds.


It is probably the most visited chateau of the Loire Valley so don't be surprised to see coach-loads of tourists during your visit. If you can, try not to visit at peak times - mid-day or mid-afternoon if you want to avoid the crowds and remember to have your driving licence and passport with you if you want to hire their audio equipment.



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https://www.chenonceau.com/   Website of Chateau de Chenonceau.


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