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Chateau de Cande



The Chateau de Cande will not be on everyone's list of Loire Valley chateaux to visit but it has a unique attraction - a fairytale of its own. It was here that an event which was to change the history of the British monarchy took place,the marriage of Edward, Prince of Wales to the American divorcee Wallis Simpson on June 3rd 1937.  Although it was actually his abdication the previous year did that - but it was so he could have this wedding.

Edward's future wife, Wallis Simpson, had come here to escape the press who were making life very uncomfortable while she had been staying with friends in Cannes. She had been invited by Fern Bedaux the wife of the then owner of Chateau de Cande. It also seemed the ideal place to have the marriage.

The interior of the chateau is delightful and has many connections with the famous couple including a surprising bit a graffiti...On one of the panels to the right of the fireplace is engraved with the words 'Ed & Wally were here' - only joking it is in fact the signatures of  Edward & Wallis.



In the dressing room there is a display Wallis' outfits from major designers of the time. Her jewels from Cartier are on display along with her painted luggage,handbags, and some of the gowns made for her. 

The 'Music room' of the chateau is where the couple were married. A copy Wallis' wedding dress is on display beside a copy of the Cecile Beaton photograph marking the occasion.



The other rooms of this Loire Valley chateau are worth the tour with our favourite being the Art Deco bathroom



The grounds of the chateau cover an area of 250 hectares with a marked path and a lake and a stroll through then can finish off a good day out.



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