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Angers in the Loire Valley

street with half-timbered houses in Angers France

At over 2hours away from 'Les Balcons' Angers may not be on all our guests itinerary but we have visited this fine city a couple of times and were very impressed. It has an interesting centre and the chateau is more of a fortress than some of the grand chateau of the Loire Valley but is worth a visit - the local grey stone used in its construction gives it a very different look.

'Apocalypse' tapestry by Nicholas Bataille in Angers  chateau-angers

Another major tourist attraction of Angers is the tapestry museum which includes the very long (140 mtrs) 'Apocalypse' by Nicholas Bataille. It is housed underneath the chateau.

Cointreau liqueur bottles

The city is home to the factory of Cointreau liqueur and there is a museum dedicated to the drink within it.

There is also a fine cathedral that is worth a visit -  Saint-Maurice-cathedral

Galerie David d’Angers in the city of Angers

If you are looking for a cultural fix the city offers some fine museums including the impressive ‘Galerie David d’Angers’ set in a former abbey church, from the 13th century, restored and given a modern twist to house the works of sculptor, Pierre-Jean David (David d’Angers 1788-1856).





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